Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions refer to service users who have signed up for BlueBeaker or BlueBeaker services (hereinafter referred to as "services") and have agreed to these Terms and Conditions and have completed their usership registration in the use of services provided by Blue Beaker (hereinafter referred to as "company"). The purpose of this Chapter is to prescribe "users") and all rights, duties, related procedures, and responsibilities between the companies.

Article 2 (Definitions of Terms)

The terms used in this Agreement shall be defined as follows, and the interpretation of undefined terms shall be governed by the relevant statutes and separate instructions on the website.

1. BlueBeaker service (hereinafter referred to as "service") : It refers to all kinds of services provided by "company" with the brand name of BlueBeaker regardless of devices (PC, tablet, portable devices, etc.).
2. BlueBeaker Illustrator (hereinafter referred to as "Illustrator") means a seller who signs a contract with the company and publishes illustrations and 3D in the service.
3. BlueBeaker User (hereinafter referred to as "user") : A customer who enters into a service contract after agreeing to these terms and conditions and uses "service" normally.
4. BlueBeaker account (hereinafter referred to as "ID"): It refers to an e-mail address that is set up (certified) by a user for the identification of users and the use of services and approved by the company. If you apply for use by simply signing up (the method of linking account information of other services), it is automatically set to the e-mail address registered with the service. If the set ID address is not normally available, important notifications such as transactions and notices may not be sent to the user himself/herself.
5. Promotions: It means a service that the company offers certain products to the users.
6. Content: This refers to articles, photos, videos, various files and links in the form of information such as code, text, voice, sound, video, and video posted on the service by the company, illustrators and users.
7. Post: Signs (including URLs), letters, images (including photos), files, etc. posted or registered by users to the BlueBeaker service.

Article 3 (Activity and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)

1. These Terms and Conditions will become effective by publishing on the web.
2. The company may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws, such as the "Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.", "Act on Regulation of Terms," "Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection," and "Act on Development of Online Digital Content Industry," and inform the users of the revised terms.
3. This Agreement may be amended if necessary, and if the company intends to amend the Terms and Conditions, it shall notify the amended Terms from 14 days before the date of application to the day before the date of application, specifying the date of application and the reason for revision. Notice of the amended Terms and Conditions shall be clearly notified to the users by at least one of the methods.
   1) Posting on the website
   2) E-mail notification
   3) SMS notification
   4) Other notification methods, etc. determined by the company
4. In principle, the amended terms and conditions are valid from the date of effect to the future.
5. Any user who has an objection to the amendment of this Agreement may withdraw from their account. However, a user who fails to express his/her intention to withdraw or reject their account within seven days after the company's notice under paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article is made shall be deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms and Conditions.
6. If a user does not agree to the application of the revised Terms and Conditions, the company cannot apply the content of the revised terms and conditions, and in this case, the user may terminate the service contract.
7. The notification law and the effect of notification under this section shall apply to individual or overall notification provided for in each clause of this Agreement.

Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms and Conditions)
1. The company may have separate Terms and Conditions and policies for paid, free and individual services (hereinafter referred to as Paid Service Terms and Conditions), and if the details conflict with these Terms and Conditions, Paid Service Terms and Conditions shall take precedence.
2. Matters or interpretations not prescribed in this Agreement shall be governed by Paid Service Terms and Conditions, and related statutes or correlations.

Article 5 (Application for Service Use and Establishment of Service Contract)
1. Service Contract is concluded when a user agrees to this Agreement and "Personal Information Handling Policy" and applies for service use by filling out the subscription form provided by the company.
2. When a user applies for use under paragraph (1), he/she must enter actual information (such as valid emails, etc.) and in the case of a user who has written false information, the service use may be restricted or the Service Contract with the user may be terminated pursuant to Article 5.
3. The ID of a user who has applied for use for illegal purposes and methods, such as stealing other people's names, may be deleted without prior notice, and the user may be prohibited from using the service and subject to legal sanctions.
4. The company may request the user's identity verification for the application under paragraph 1.
5. The company can provide users with various information related to advertising and services through e-mail and SMS to facilitate service delivery. If the user does not want it, he or she can refuse to receive it at any time.
6. The company basically does not provide user information to third parties without the consent of the users, except as otherwise provided by law.
Exceptions shall be made in the following cases:
   1) In the case of allowing the use of user information and the provision of information to a third party based on the Act
   2) In the case of informing users of minimum information necessary for delivery of prizes, purchased goods, etc.
   3) In the case of a third party selected by the company for the purpose of providing various benefits and experiences to its users,
   4) In the case of obtaining consent from users in accordance with other company's Terms and Conditions and policies.
7. If the company restricts the category of users whose affiliates want to do promotions in accordance with the company's policy during service operation, the users may be restricted from using the service.
8. The user shall modify the user information immediately if the user information entered on the application form is changed while using the service. The user shall be responsible for all responsibilities arising from not modifying user information.
9. The user shall thoroughly manage the user's ID and password. The user shall take the responsibility for all consequences caused by the loss of management, improper use, etc., and the company shall not be held responsible for such consequences.
10. If the user recognizes that his/her ID, password, and additional information have been stolen or is being used by a third party, he/she shall immediately correct his/her password, inform the company and follow instructions from the company.

Article 6 (Changes in User Information)
1. The users can view and modify their personal information through the My Page in the service. However, the ID cannot be modified.
2. If a user makes a profit by falsely setting his or her personal information, the use of the service may be restricted.

Article 7 (Cancellation and Termination of Service Contract)
1. The user may cancel the contract or request suspension of service if he/she wishes.
2. When a user requests the suspension of the service, he/she shall apply through the procedures specified by the company, such as email.
3. If any of the following users is confirmed, the company may take measures such as withholding/suspension/resigning/disclosure of user account without prior notice to the user concerned, and in such cases, the user shall not claim all rights related to the service.
   1) Where false information is registered during the sign up or subscription process.
   2) Using the service for illegal methods or purposes.
     - Written notification.
     - Ilegal registration means that one person is unfairly profiting in an unusual way, such as generating multiple IDs to increase the winning rate for promotional events.
   3) In case a user dies
   4) In the case of threatening the electronic transaction order, such as obstructing other users' use of the service or stealing the information.
   5) In the event of causing continuous pain or inconvenience, such as stalking, harassment, and verbal abuse to other users in the service.
   6) In the case of impersonating the company's operator/employee or company within the service.
   7) During the sign-up process, the personal information of a third party is used and illegally stolen.
   8) Dissemination of information, sentences, images, voices, photos, etc. that harm law violations and social well-being/order while using the service.
   9) In the case of infringement of any other rights, including intellectual property rights, such as patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights, trade secrets of a third party.
   10) In the event of a system threat, such as changing the company's website or client program or hacking into the company's server without obtaining special authority from the company.
   11) In case programs such as Active X, Spyware, Adware, etc. are forced to be installed without prior approval or prior consent from other users of the company.
   12) In the event that a visit to a specific site is induced regardless of the intention of a service visitor or other user.
   13) In the case of illegal copying software or trafficking of copyrighted works of a third party while using the service, etc.
   14) In the case of an act of forming an organization based on anti-social/moral prejudice, such as race/gender etc.
   15) Collecting personal information such as ID/email account/name/phone number of other users.
   16) Where he/she commits an act deemed to be an act of association with a crime or violation of the relevant statutes.
   17) In the event that other users have engaged in activities to induce and encourage prohibited acts under paragraphs 6 through 16 above.
   18) The act of receiving money or transferring the right to use the service or receiving money in return by providing a third party with an opportunity to publicize oneself or by acting on behalf of a third party using the services provided by the company.
   19) An act used to transmit commercial information for profit without prior consent of the company.
   20) Conducting profit-making activities using services provided by the company for the purpose of posting advertisements or sending spam mails to an unspecified number of members.
   21) Any other violation of the user's obligations stipulated in Article 13 of this Terms and Conditions.

Article 8 (User withdrawal)
1. Any user who intends to withdraw by the method specified in Article 7 paragraph 2 of this Agreement shall withdraw if he/she implements the procedures provided by the company after requesting withdrawal. At this time, the basic information prepared at the time of subscription or sign-up is permanently destroyed.

Article 9 (Contents and Changes of Services)
1. The company provides all services and information related to BlueBeaker to the users through the service site, and performs other tasks as determined by the company.
2. If the company intends to change the content of the service, it will notify the details and date of the changes. However, if it is not possible to announce the details of the change in detail, the purpose of the change and the reason for the change that cannot be announced shall be notified 7 days in advance.

Article 10 (Suspension of Service)
1. The company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of an inspection, repair, replacement, or failure of information and communication facilities, such as a computer, or communication failure.
2. If the company intends to suspend the service due to the reasons referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, it will notify the user of the service interruption by sending it to SMS, email or posting notices in the service or on the website.
3. The company may modify, suspend, or change all or part of the services provided free of charge due to the company's policy and the necessity of operation, and shall not make any compensation to the users unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws.

Article 11 (user ID and password)
1. The user shall be responsible for managing the user ID and password, and the user shall not let a third party know or use his/her ID and password.
2. If a user recognizes that his/her ID or password has been stolen or is being used by a third party, he/she shall notify the company immediately, and if the member is informed by the company, he/she shall comply.

Article 12 (Duties of the Company)
1. The company shall not engage in acts prohibited by the relevant laws and these Terms and Conditions or go against the customs and practices, and shall do its best to provide continuous and stable "service".
2. The company shall have a security system for the protection of personal information (including credit information) so that members can use the service safely, and shall disclose and comply with the privacy policy.
3. The company shall handle any opinions or complaints raised by the users regarding the use of the service if they are deemed justifiable. For opinions or complaints raised by users, the process and results are communicated to the users by using the bulletin board or by e-mail.

Article 13 (Duties of Users)
1. A general user means all users who purchase products and write reviews, but not sell products.
2. A sales user means any author who sells goods or services. Sales users may have to fill out a separate contract that includes a fee and a contract period with the company.
3. General users and sales users shall not engage in any of the following acts in connection with the use of the service:
   1) An act of registering false information when applying for a service or making changes to a service.
   2) Damage, such as unauthorized alteration, deletion, etc. of various information posted in the service.
   3) The act of damaging the reputation of other users or collecting personal information.
   4) Sending commercial information for profit without the consent of the company or sending or posting other information (such as computer programs or advertisements) other than information permitted by the company.
   5) Disassembling, imitating, or modifying services through all processing activities.
   6) Violating the rights of the company or a third party, such as defaming the reputation of the company or other third parties or infringing on intellectual property rights.
   7) Disrupts the use of services by other users, such as stalking.
   8) Disclosure or posting of obscene or violent information (message, video, voice, etc.) and other information contrary to the customs of the public in the service.
   9) Posting on the website or the add-in, or sending materials via email or SMS containing software viruses, files, or programs designed to disrupt or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, and telecommunications equipment.
   10) Sending junk mail; spam mail; chain letters; emails to suggest joining pyramid organizations; or indecent or violent messages, images, voice, or information that goes against the public domain.
   11) Posting harmful media for juveniles prescribed by the Juvenile Protection Act.
   12) Changing the information posted on the company's services.
   13) The act of duplicating, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting, or allowing third parties to use information obtained through the use of the company's services for profit without prior consent from the company.
   14) The act of obstructing the normal service of the company by loading the server of the "company" in a way that is different from the normal usage, such as using an automatic access program, etc.
4. General users shall not engage in any of the following activities in addition to Article 13(3):
   1) The act of contacting a sales user who has become aware of the service personally without consultation with the company or to purchase or trade by bypassing the service.
5. Sales user shall not engage in any of the following activities in addition to Article 13(3):
   1) The act of contacting a general user who has become aware of the service without consultation with the company or trying to sell or trade the service by bypassing the service.
   2) The act of selling or registering legally abnormal products.
   3) The act of unilaterally breaking the contract period.
   4) The act of causing damage to the company intentionally or accidentally.
6. The company may unilaterally terminate this contract, such as restricting the use of services or terminating accounts or deleting postings, if a member commits acts under Article 13, 4 or 5, and the corresponding general user or sales user shall be obliged to compensate for the damages caused by such actions.

Article 14 (Management of Content)
1. If a user's post contains content that violates the relevant laws, such as the Information and Communication Network Act and the Copyright Act, the company may request the suspension or deletion of the relevant post in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the relevant law, and the company shall take action in accordance with the relevant law.
2. The company may take temporary measures, etc. against the postings falling under each of the following subparagraphs in accordance with other service operation policies and related laws, even if there is no request from the company under the previous paragraph.
   1) In the event of a serious insult to another 'user' or third party or damage to his/her reputation.
   2) In the case of posting obscene materials or linking pornographic websites.
   3) Where there is a risk of infringing on rights, including intellectual property rights, such as copyrights of the company or a third party.
   4) In the case of a post that does not conform to the nature of the bulletin board.
   5) In the case of an advertisement for the profit of a third party.
   6) In the event that it does not comply with the principles and conditions of posts within the "service" stipulated by the "company".
   7) In the event that the normal operation of the company or service is interrupted.
3. The company will immediately delete the posts and issue warnings to the writers in case of any issues related to the content.

Article 15 (Exemption)
1. If the company is unable to provide the service due to the following reasons, the company shall not be held liable for any damages caused to the user.
   1) In the event of a natural disaster or an equivalent force majeure.
   2) In the event that a third party that has entered into a service partnership agreement with the company intentionally interferes with the service.
   3) In the event of a failure in the use of the service due to reasons attributable to the user, such as the device environment, etc.
   4) In the event of a network environment, etc. due to reasons that are not intentional or culpable by the company.
2. The company shall not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, copyright infringement, etc. of information, data, facts, etc. posted on the service by the author or by the users, and shall not bear any responsibility for any damages caused by such information.
3. There is no obligation to intervene in disputes arising between users, or between users and third parties through the medium of service, nor is there any liability to compensate for such damages.
4. The company is not responsible for the users failing to earn the expected revenue from the service and the company is exempted from responsibility for damages, etc. arising from the use of the service.

Article 16 (Reimbursement for Damage)
1. In the event that a user violates the provisions of this Terms and Conditions and damages the company, the user who violates this Terms and Conditions shall compensate the company for all damages.
2. In the event that the company receives various objections, including damages or lawsuits, from a third party other than the user concerned due to the user’s illegal acts or violation of this Terms & Conditions, the user shall indemnify the company at his or her own responsibility and expense, and if the company is not exempted, the user shall compensate for all damages incurred to the company.
3. The company shall not be liable for any damages arising out of respect to the services provided free of charge.

Article 17 (Solution of Service-related Disputes)
1. The company shall handle complaints and opinions submitted by users regarding service use as soon as possible. However, if it is difficult to process it promptly, we will notify the user of the reason and the processing schedule as soon as possible.
2. Disputes arising between the company and its users are carried out through the mediation process of the Electronic Trade Dispute Mediation Committee established under the Framework Act on Electronic Trade.

Article 18 (End of Service)
1. In the event of terminating the service by the company, the company will notify the users of the notification law stipulated in Article 3 (3) of this Agreement 3 months prior to the date of termination. However, in case of transfer due to business or other operational reasons other than the termination of the service, no special notice shall be given.
2. Users shall not receive services from the company after the date of notification of termination of service under paragraph 1 of this section. Unless there is a special policy for this, no compensation is given to the user.

Article 19 (Compliance Laws and Agreements)
1. Matters not prescribed in this Terms and Conditions and the interpretation of this Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea and the correlation cases.
2. The Seoul Central District Court or the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act shall be the competent court of the first instance for all disputes and lawsuits related to the service and these terms and conditions.

Article 20 (Personal Information Protection Duty)
1. The company strives to protect the members' personal information, including member registration information, as prescribed by the relevant statutes. As for the protection of members' personal information, the members are notified through various methods so that the members can always check the information, as prescribed by the relevant statutes and the company's "Personal Information Handling Policy".
2. The company collects your user information according to the privacy policy within the minimum extent necessary for the establishment and implementation of the service contract.
3. The company does not provide information about users to third parties without user’s consent.
4. The company shall not be responsible for the user information exposed due to reasons attributable to the user.
5. The company may provide user information when an administrative or investigative agency requests the user's access or submission in accordance with the relevant statutes, such as the Telecommunications Business Act, the Communications Secrets Protection Act, and the Information and Communications Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act.

Article 21 (Mobile phones and other devices)
1. The company offers a free registration/sign-up for the BlueBeaker service. There are paid content and paid subscription plans. The fee for communication is in accordance with the policy of the mobile carrier that users hold. The company is not responsible for the fee that occurs from using devices and its data usage.
2. A user shall be deemed to have agreed to provide all the rights necessary to synchronize (including synchronizing via app) with all information required by the service on his device.

Article 22 (Constitution of Purchase Contracts)
1. The users shall make purchases in the following ways or similar to the provisions set by this Terms and Conditions and the company, and the company shall provide the following information to the users clearly.
   1) Searching and selecting goods or services, etc.
   2) Entering the purchaser's name, phone number (or mobile phone number)
   3) Selecting a payment method
2. The purchase contract is made effective at the time when the purchased goods or services are stored on the purchase list or when the user clicks buttons such as ‘Check out’ or ‘Pay’.

Article 23 (Method of Payment)
1. The payment method for goods or services like the following can be decided by the company. However, the company shall not collect any nominal fees for the payment of goods or services, etc. for the purchaser's payment method. However, shipping and overseas shipping can be exceptional.
   1) Various account transfers, such as phone banking or internet banking.
   2) Payment of various cards such as prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards, etc.
   3) Deposit without a bankbook
   4) Payment by mobile phone
   5) Payment services such as Paypal or Payoneer
6) Other means of payment specified by the company
2. In the event that a legal or technical problem occurs during the payment (bank network failure, etc.) that the company has not predicted, the company may request the user to change the payment method or temporarily suspend payment or refuse payment in accordance with the company's policy..
3. The user shall be responsible for the information entered by the user and related responsibilities in relation to the payment of the purchase price. If payment is not made within a reasonable period of time after the goods or service orders, the company may cancel the order.
4. The company can verify the legitimacy of the purchaser's right to use the payment method, and may request the suspension of the transaction progress and may request submission of explanatory materials from purchasers if necessary.

Article 24 (Supply of Goods or Services)
1. The company provides users with the ability to download purchased goods, etc. from the user purchase list.
2. If downloading from the purchase list is not possible, the company provides the user with goods by e-mail and other means.

Article 25 (Refund)
1. If the goods or services purchased by the user cannot be provided, the company shall notify the user of the reason without delay, and if the payment for the goods or services is received in advance, the company shall refund the goods within seven working days from the date of receipt or take necessary measures for the refund.
2. Due to the intangible nature of the product, there may be products that cannot be refunded after purchase.

Article 26 (Withdrawal of Subscription)
1. Users who have entered into a contract with the company regarding the purchase of goods or services may withdraw their subscription within seven days from the date the contract is established.
2. Users cannot return or exchange if a contract is established.
3. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2, if the content of the goods or services is different from the content of the advertisement or have been implemented differently from the content of the contract, users may withdraw their subscription within three months from the date of receipt of the relevant goods or services, or within 30 days from the date of the discovery.

Article 27 (Effects of withdrawal of subscription, etc.)
1. If the company receives a goods as refund from the user, the company shall refund within three business days. In this case, if the company delays the refund of goods, etc., the delayed interest calculated by multiplying the delayed interest rate determined and publicly notified by the Fair Trade Commission will be paid to the users.
2. When the user pays for goods or services by credit card or electronic currency, the company requests the business operator who provided the payment method to suspend or cancel the claim for goods or services without delay.
3. In the case of withdrawal of subscription, the user shall bear the expenses incurred in returning the goods, etc. The company does not claim any penalty or damages to the user due to withdrawal of subscription. However, if the content of the goods, etc. are different from the content of the advertisement, or if the subscription is withdrawn because the content of the goods, etc. are different from the content of the contract, the company shall bear the expenses necessary.

A Supplementary Clause

This Agreement shall enter into force on April 7, 2020.
The previous Terms and Conditions shall be replaced by this Terms and Conditions, and the revised Terms and Conditions shall also apply to the users registered before the revision.